• It all starts with a design. You can submit your artwork to us, create your design using our Get Inked Lab, or Contact us if you have a design that we can help you create.
    • We accept any artwork you would like to submit:
      • Preferred artwork formats:
        • .cdr – CorelDRAW vector graphics
        • .ai – Adobe illustrator vector graphics
        • .eps – Encapsulated Postscript vector graphics
        • .svg – Scalable Vector Graphic vector graphics
      • Other acceptable artwork formats:
        • .pdf – Portable Document Format vector/bitmap graphics
        • .psd – Photoshop document raster graphics
        • .tiff – Tagged Image File Format raster graphics
        • .jpg – Joint Photography Group raster graphics
        • .png – portable network graphic raster graphics
        • .gif – Graphic interchange format raster graphics
        • .dst – Drawing Sheet Template Autocad

Vector vs Raster

Our designers will then be hard at work to make sure that your image is up to standards by checking:

  • Design and Placement
  • Make sure Artwork is in vector format
  • Simplifying your image to be most cost effective
  • Make any Color Changes needed
  • Adjust image size as needed
  • Halftones, gradients, and fades as needed
  • Any additional placement locations

Our designers will send you mock ups for you to look over and approve. We will not stop until you are happy with your design. Once approved, colors will be separated accordingly.


After you have approved your artwork and payed for your order, production will begin.

  • Mesh Silk Screens are prepared depending on amount of color inks your design requires.
    • Followed by:
      • Coating the screen with light sensitive emulsion which is done in a dark room.
      • Negative is then applied to the screen
      • Screen is exposed with UV light
      • The emulsion hardens leaving the negative attached unexposed. When negative is removed, the shape of your design is left on the emulsion.
      • Unexposed emulsion washes out, which is water soluble, and your design is left marked on the screen.
      • The screen, which at this point is a stencil, gets mixed with each color ink separately.
    • Ink will get printed on the garment in the correct order for best results.
      • Most types of inks that we work with are on our Choose your Ink page. Some that we work with are:
        • Plastisol Inks
        • Water Based Inks
        • Shimmer
        • Glitter
        • Glow in the dark
        • Fluorescent Inks
      • More Inks are available upon request. We do and will offer certain inks depending on your design. We want to make sure that your design looks the best it can.
    • Flash dryer is used between colors to prevent bleeding between colors.
    • After final ink is added to the shirt, garments are then dried at 380 degrees Fahrenheit between 25 to 30 seconds on a conveyor dryer. This process will prevent your design from peeling or cracking.


  • Each shirt is checked for best quality
    • We will not send you anything that we do not feel is to the highest standards.


  • Turnaround time from time of production, which is after artwork is approved and order is payed for in full is between 7-10 business days
  • We provide tracking # for each order once it has shipped.

Ready to start you design? Let us help!!!